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Charter Middle Schools NYC

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Middle School

Getting to the core

Building on the love of learning and ideation fostered in elementary school, middle school classes are collaborative and inquiry-based, filled with lively debate and rich discussion. In grades 7 and 8, students tackle challenging courses that culminate in Regents exams, achieving a deep understanding of the content that allows them to enroll directly in more advanced courses once they enter high school. Students also engage in a variety of enriching programs that serve as critical outlets for creativity and self-expression, and foster self-awareness, confidence, and independence.

Middle School

Day in the life

Students participating in clubs or competitive teams report early for Zero Period. They might also use this early morning period for study hall or additional academic support.

Diving into humanity

Students engage in thoughtful discussions about pivotal events that transformed our world and learn to master essential writing and analytical skills to express their thoughts on diverse topics.

Challenging the world’s limits

Our carefully crafted STEM program empowers the next generation who will shape the world. Educators specialize in teaching subjects at high levels, prompting clever thinking when faced with unique challenges.

Growing all around

We empower students to discover interests and capabilities beyond academics through semester-long electives, which help them gain a clearer understanding of their strengths and areas for growth as they mature.

Becoming mindful

Middle schoolers become more self-aware while navigating positive relationships and social conflict. Specialists support the development and implementation of emotional wellness initiatives school-wide, in small groups, and through one-on-one instruction.
Middle School

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I like all my teachers. I feel that all my teachers definitely want us to be successful when we grow up. They truly care about our education and they want us to know that it's really our futures. Success Academy is not just a school, but it's a community for me.

SA Scholar

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