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Special Education


Our Sprint Special Education Program offers a means of support for students who have additional needs.

Special Education

Exceptional education for all students

At Success Academy, we begin with the core belief that disability does not mean inability, and we are committed to helping all students, including those with special needs, tackle challenging academic work and meet sky-high expectations. All students learn best by doing, and with frequent assessments and study of students’ work, we can move all students forward.

Special Education

Staying on track

Rather than isolate children with learning challenges, we expand on our general model to create inclusive Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classrooms. Many techniques associated with special education classrooms — such as small group instruction and the use of manipulatives — are standard for all SA students. Our approach to special education is called “Sprint” because it relies on controlled bursts of teaching effort and energy. Through small group instruction, manipulatives, assessments, study of work, and staff/family collaboration, students attain one short-term goal after another, adding up to greater independence and learning outcomes. Our students with IEPs substantially outperform general education students across the city and the state.

Special Education

What we offer

  • Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) Classrooms across all schools in Kindergarten through 12th Grade
  • 12:1 Classrooms in select schools starting in 4th Grade
  • Counseling
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Testing accommodations
  • 504 plans
Special Education

Our process

If a student has challenges learning, the school’s leadership and the Sprint team will meet with families to discuss additional services and consent for specialized evaluations, special education services, or other appropriate accommodations that may be required to ensure their growth. Each school’s Sprint team guides families through the referral and evaluation process and coordinates special education services with the Department of Education’s Committee on Special Education (CSE). Below is an example of what the process may look like.

Study student work

Frequently collecting and analyzing the right data allows us to make real-time adjustments to teaching and learning.

Implement initial interventions

Progress is monitored in two-week bursts to determine the next best steps

Create an Individualized Education Program (IEP)

If the student needs additional support, educators consult with parents about an IEP. Parents meet with the CSE about the student’s history, behavior, and education to determine which tests to administer. Evaluations help identify services that are needed.

Monitor progress and celebrate growth

Schools review IEPs constantly to ensure students are receiving appropriate services. Parents are always in the loop, receiving regular scholar progress reports and meeting with Sprint teams annually (at minimum) to celebrate completed goals and set new ones.

Special Education

Signs of success

Once students are able to navigate the school day with more independence and without scaffolds, they can “graduate” from Sprint services. For some students, this may mean they no longer need an IEP, while others may be removed from a related service but continue to receive other support such as small group instruction in our Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) classrooms. ICT classrooms include both general education students and students with IEPs, supported by two lead teachers. Students receive targeted instruction throughout the day based on their needs. This includes parallel teaching, small groups, and some differentiated instruction depending on a student’s goals. Both teachers work together to support all students’ mastery over grade level outcomes, regardless of their IEP status.

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