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Soccer Education Program NYC

Welcome to Success Academy Soccer

The Success Academy Soccer program is redefining what’s possible for soccer education in the American public school system.

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Leveling the playing field

Our program’s dual mission ensures access to premier training for scholars from all backgrounds, and sets a new standard for excellence in youth soccer.


Changing the game

Currently serving 6,500 scholars across the network, Success Academy Soccer is changing the game – providing equity and access to top-tier training, in turn opening doors to collegiate, national, and professional opportunities.
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Our Mission

A goal greater than soccer

Physical and mental acuity

Hones scholars’ physical and mental acuity through training with first-rate coaching staff

Time management

Teaches time management, emotional regulation, intrinsic motivation, and teamwork

Social and emotional skills

Develops social and emotional skills, contributing to the health and happiness of scholars


Instills a sense of confidence as scholars experience the rewards of discipline first-hand


Cultivates a healthy relationship with rigor, focus, and perseverance

Independence and perspective

Competes at a high level, traveling regionally and internationally, which fosters independence and offers exposure to global perspectives


Premier coaching

As leaders, mentors, and role models in each school community, Success Academy Soccer coaches believe that participation in soccer is a part of the total educational experience; creating scholar-athletes is part of the fabric of our commitment to developing the whole child.

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We’re now accepting K-6 applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

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“My proudest moment has to be when I made that first goal, because it got my adrenaline going and it showed that, ‘Wow, I can really do this.’”

Success Academy Athlete and Scholar

Our philosophy

We believe that participation in soccer should be a part of the total educational experience for Success Academy scholars. Participating in our program helps educate a whole child, by contributing to the development of health, happiness, physical skills, emotional maturity, social competence, moral values and self-discipline.

Program offerings

The SA Soccer curriculum begins as early as Kindergarten and boasts a successful, purposeful player pathway. The program design develops outstanding athletes, who go on to travel to various state, regional, national and international tournaments, competing – and winning – against players and programs at the highest level.

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Our mentality

In SA Soccer, we win or we learn. Our focus is the improvement of our team, and on mastery over time. The development of our athletes and execution of the program playing philosophy is always front and center. We believe in depth over breadth and know that winning will be a byproduct of continued player growth.

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Excelling on-and-off the field

Success Academy Soccer players grow into elite athletes and successful scholars. The skills learned on the field –communication, leadership, accountability, ownership, and respect – translate directly into the classroom and have led to notable achievement.

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Enroll your child

We’re now accepting K-6 applications for the 2024-2025 school year.

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Join our premier coaching staff!

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