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Arts and Athletics

Thriving all around

Our schools prize joy, engagement, community, and the pursuit of talents and interests.

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Strategic thinking

During chess, students tackle the rules of the game as they think strategically, make smart decisions, and build confidence. Students may join their school’s competitive chess team and selective Network teams. SA hosts tournaments throughout the year, and players may qualify to participate in state and national tournaments, where they regularly take home top honors.

Performing arts

All students have talents, and it is our job to help identify and cultivate them. Starting in elementary school, students express themselves, expand their imaginations, and develop their voices through performing arts. Through classes in dance, music, and theater, they engage with ideas, their peers, and the world around them.


Our youngest students learn musical concepts, explore instruments, improvise, and compose and perform their own works. They may join an after-school music club or try out for the Network chorus. By middle and high school, electives include choices like treble choir, mixed chorus, bel canto, jazz band, and concert band.


Children are exposed to ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, and West African genres in elementary school, as they learn to perform with a group and be part of an audience. Middle school dancers perform multi-step choreography, focusing on coordination, balance, flexibility, and clarity of movement. Dancers regularly compete in regional competitions.


In theater arts, students make creative choices, develop new ideas, and interpret material. Students hone their craft, take risks, gain confidence, and forge social connections. Young actors explore units such as puppetry, mask work, and performance as they develop ensemble-building and creative thinking skills. By high school, productions become much-anticipated, professional-level events.
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Unparalleled access

Soccer starts in kindergarten with basic motor skills and rules of the game. By third grade, students can select soccer as an elective and after-school program. As players grow, they can try out for Network teams, where they receive club-style training, evaluations, and coaching. Players may travel to competitions as far as Boston, Atlantic City, and abroad.

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Visual arts

Understanding through self-expression

Through experimentation in mediums like clay, photography, and textile, students gain technical skills and confidence. Students study great works of art and art history concepts, which provide a baseline for critical thinking, points of connection, and an understanding of being part of a larger community. This experience culminates in an exhibition for selected artists, hosted by an art gallery.

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Field studies

Learning outside the classroom

Our students live in one of the greatest cities in the world, and we take advantage of it! Field studies expose students to cultural experiences and institutions across NYC and beyond. Through visits to farms, museums, and theaters, students make connections between classroom learning and the real world, immersing themselves in diverse environments.

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Speaking their minds

Debate gives students agency, empowering them to become engaged in school and their communities. Students develop arguments on topics like education reform and criminal justice, becoming strong critical thinkers and researchers as they are challenged to defend both sides of any topic. Our debaters have accumulated awards and honors on the intramural, local, and national levels.

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The importance of team

Beginning in elementary school, basketball helps students build relationships, develop athletic skills, and learn collaboration and coordination. As they grow, students become more aware of the rules of the game and the importance of teamwork. Teams compete within the amateur athletics union (AAU) for an opportunity to represent Success Academy in regional and national tournaments.

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Summer programs

Year-round learning opportunities

We support out-of-school learning through summer enrichment programs like chess and soccer camps; virtual programs in science, writing, and more; and summer reading assignments from a curated book list. Our subsidized Summer Experience program offers high schoolers competitive collegiate, artistic, and outdoor leadership opportunities. Participants are chosen through a rigorous application that provides early experience with the college application process.

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