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Why Go to HSLA? Here’s What Our Scholars Had to Say!

As they were headed off for the summer, we caught up with these four SA high schoolers. Here’s what they love about their school:

“One thing I love about HSLA is that the clubs are not ‘standard’ clubs. It’s not your normal, run-of-the-mill chess or soccer, which of course we have, too. But on top of that, there are so many different and unique club options to explore, most of them student-led! Right now, I’m a part of SA-NAN (‘No Adults Necessary’), a program where I tutor younger students, mostly sixth graders. You get a lot of independence as an SA-NAN tutor — I meet with and communicate with the parents and students, and help students do homework or prepare for tests. Every two weeks, all the tutors get to meet and discuss our experiences and how we can help each other. I am also a part of Helping Hands, a community service club where we do toy drives and canned food drives!”

“I also love getting the opportunity to participate in SA’s Summer Experience Program. Last year I participated in Upper Line Code, a course on how to make art with code! And this year, I’m going to West Virginia to go on a backpacking and canoeing trip in the Appalachian Mountains! I’m so excited.” 

“Another great thing about our high school is that you are able to build a really strong student-teacher connection and have lots of opportunities to go to office hours for support and to improve your grades.”

“One of my favorite parts of HSLA is the House Cup! Yes, just like Harry Potter. We have four houses and each house has a significant symbol to represent it. My house, House Mandela, represents leadership, integrity, and being a leader for others. Every two weeks on half-days we do some sort of competition between the houses. Last time, we had a relay race, and my house won, so we got to go to Six Flags!”

“I love the clubs here; I’m in both basketball and volleyball, and some of my closest friends play alongside me every day.”

“I know some of you might think high school is boring, but it is NOT the same as middle school, I can assure you! There’s way more fun and you have a lot more privileges. All around it’s a great experience, I’m not gonna lie.”

“At HSLA, I feel both empowered to make my own decisions but also supported by my teachers. I can choose my own schedule, and change it however I’d like! I also know I have to keep myself motivated and set my own goals. HSLA’s teachers are dedicated to supporting us by guiding us through life as mentors. This year has been one of my most mentally challenging years, but my history teacher has been a GREAT help, helping me set goals and get back on track.”

“I love HSLA because of all the new people I got to meet through the clubs I am involved in. This year, I’m in policy and debate, photography, and dance. I’m most interested in policy and debate because of the interesting topics we covered; this year we covered policies on water conservation, and next year we’re learning about NATO.”

“You have way more freedom in high school than in middle school. In high school, we can do outside lunch! My favorite lunch spot is probably Chipotle.”

“I lean on my friends a lot for help when I’m struggling. If I miss a topic, they’re always there for me to tell me what I missed.”

“High school is fun. My advice to incoming high schoolers is to not put off until tomorrow what you can do today!”

Written by Success Academy June 28, 2022


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