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Summer of Success: 7 Things Scholars Were Up to This Summer!

From learning a new sport, reconnecting with family abroad, and road tripping to our nation’s capital, our scholars had quite a summer! Check out some of their amazing stories below.

Kicking Around a New Passion

SA Midtown West sixth grader Bryce Dalce spent his summer learning how to play soccer — and you’ll never guess who inspired him! “The characters in this new Manga I started reading, Blue Lock, do all of these really cool soccer tricks. So I’ve been learning and trying to do what they do,” said Bryce. As Bryce enters the new school year, he hopes to land a spot on the SA soccer team and practice until he is as good as Christiano Ronaldo. 

European Excursion

After spending the first half of her summer making new friends at camp, Bergen Beach scholar Ava-Marie went on to compete in numerous city chess tournaments. But she wasn’t done yet– Ava-Marie then traveled to Portugal and Spain with her parents!  “I learned a lot about Spanish and Portuguese culture while exploring cool old towns and museums. I also loved being around my parents and learning more about how they grew up.” 

Confidence in Japan

Kokoro Tamamura spent her summer in a classroom…in Japan! “School in Japan is really different. The most interesting thing was that there is a time in the day where students have to clean their classroom and the school,” she said.  Despite the differences between schools in Japan and America, Kokoro was able to grow a great deal overseas. “I learned to take risks and that it’s good to say ‘yes’ to things you are afraid of. Like when my friends asked me to get on a scary ride at the amusement park! My first thought was ‘no,’ but then I went and had so much fun. I even rode it a couple more times!”

Swim Master

Third grader Mihail Serbynovskyi swam his way through summer, earning himself a green swim cap — the highest swimming level at YMCA’s summer camp. When this SA Bensonhurst scholar wasn’t swimming laps and training for competitions, he was researching marine reptiles such as the Megladon and Plesiosaur and recreating them using play-doh! 

On the Road Again 

SA Bronx 2 Middle schooler, Bella Zapata, found out one of our nation’s biggest secrets! “On my trip to Washington D.C., I learned the Pentagon was actually in Virginia, not Washington D.C.!” On her family road trip to the US capital and South Carolina, she visited interesting museums where she saw a variety of animals —and even some old dinosaur bones!

Who Runs the World? Girls! 

SA Upper West scholar Alina Nagarsheth set off to Madison, Wisconsin this summer to attend ice hockey camp run by pro player, Mark Johnson! “It was an incredible experience, and I learned a lot of plays from Mark. This summer showed me that when I work hard at something, it can be rewarding.” But she wasn’t done yet— when she arrived back in NYC, she hopped on her bike and won the “Under 9 New York State Little” in the New York State Bike Racing Championship. Go Alina!  

Flying Back to His Roots

Ever wonder what summer in Latvia is like? Just ask SA East Flatbush third grader William Beltins!  William and his family flew across the Baltic Sea for vacation in the small European country of Latvia. William’s parents grew up in Latvia and being there connected him to his family’s roots. “ I really enjoyed being in Latvia and learning more Latvian words and their meanings. Now, I can communicate better with members of my family and that is very important to me.” He also had the opportunity to try something new while abroad — sleepaway camp! “I loved camp and participated in so many activities. I made new friends, the food was AMAZING (shoutout to the chefs!) and I even played UNO until 2 a.m.”  

Written by Success Academy August 15, 2023

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