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‘This School Is My Second Home’

To the staff of Success Academy Bergen Beach:

To have a wonderful teacher is amazing; to have two wonderful teachers is a dream come true. But to have an awesome staff is beyond anything that words could begin to describe. I feel blessed that my daughter is a part of this school. I thank you all for the hard work that you have been doing to ensure that no scholar is left behind. I have seen the dedication and love that each of you display and I have to say thank you for your continued support and dedication.

I feel blessed that my daughter is a part of this school.

To Ms. Miller and Ms. Parker of Georgia State University, the two of you have been a true dream team. I have seen my daughter Daniyah make so much progress with your help and support. What you guys do doesn’t seem like a traditional teacher-scholar relationship but rather the closest thing to a parent-child relationship. I feel at ease knowing that she is safe in your care. I also know that you show the same affection to each scholar and for this I must say thank you.

Daniyah doesn’t dread going to school. As a matter of fact, when we are on vacation, she counts down the days to re-enter those doors. She turns games she plays on her own or with her dolls or friends into No Hesitation Math games and Number Stories. She also likes to be my teacher and quiz me! It is a wonderful thing as a mother to see that my child loves learning. We have a set time when homework must be done, but I never have to remind her. She takes her work seriously and I know that it is because of the way that you guys have taught her.

To Ms. Bucknor (science), Mr. Luddy (music), Ms. Skudder (art), Mr. Puckett (chess), and Mr. Hansen (sports), you all have completed her learning experience at school. It is truly a joy for her to learn from you. The work that you do also encourages me when we do work at home. I have been applying your teaching techniques and have seen great results. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To the operations team — Ms. Monestime and Mr. Santana — and the leadership team — Ms. Jeudy, Mr. Silva and, of course, the amazing Principal Jessica Johnson, what can I say that would do justice to the deepest gratitude that I have for you all? I feel as if the school is my second home and you guys are my extended family. Whenever I visit, your staff is always professional and I am greeted with big smiles. I have never felt uncomfortable or out of place, especially seeing how often I am at school. Thank you for having an open-door policy and for creating a welcoming environment. To all the other teachers, thank you, thank you, and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Although my daughter may not be in you class, you guys have made it easy for me to want to volunteer and help. I always feel appreciated; I want you all to know that I truly appreciate you too.

As we approach the end of the school year, I really want you all to know that I do feel lucky that my daughter attends this amazing school and I am a part of this family. I love you guys and can’t wait to continue the experience with you next year. Keep up the amazing work that only you all can do.

Ms. Webb and Daniyah

Written by Jernique Webb May 13, 2016

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