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Thank You For Turning My Son Into a Better Reader

It is fair to say that I am in love with my son’s teacher, Ms. Muller.

My husband and I are busy professionals. We chose Success Academy Crown Heights primarily because our son is interested in chess and science. But we should have paid more attention to his reading abilities.

It was a little devastating when we found out that Stephen was not reading on grade level and there was a possibility that he would have to repeat first grade. It seemed as if something was not clicking, because he was not moving up when it came to reading. I thought to myself: There is no way he is going to repeat a grade. We will do whatever it takes. I was worried, afraid, and upset.

I thank Ms. Muller for forming a game plan that we could use at home to get our son reading on grade level. I thank her for sacrificing her Monday and Friday evenings, despite the already long school day, to help him with his reading. I thank her for the emails, texts, reminders, and updates. The frequent communication kept my husband and I on task to reinforce the skills that Stephen learned at school.

We were very happy when his reading improved and he kept bringing home more challenging books. We were over the moon excited to learn that he moved up FOUR reading levels after Ms. Muller had worked with him. Even though Stephen is now reading on grade level, he still enjoys going to reading club to get extra help.

I had been worried that he would get frustrated or feel singled out because of the after-school reading. However, I believe that because of the way Ms. Muller leads, Stephen follows. I thank her for gently pushing him along like a mother bird while he learned to fly. How could I not love this woman who sends me pictures and updates about how well he is doing? How could I not love this woman who believes in my son as much as I do? Success Academy teachers care.

How could I not love this woman who believes in my son as much as I do? Success Academy teachers care.

I thank Ms. Muller and the other teachers who went above and beyond for Stephen. Charter schools work for us. Yes, it is fair to say, I am in love with my son’s teacher.


Written by Alecia Walters-Hinds May 19, 2015

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