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Sewing the Seeds: Where Academics Meets Fashion

Sporting a pair of chunky glasses, a fresh set of sparkly nails, and eye-catching accessories, Lyana Moore — a sophomore at HSLA-Manhattan — manages to show off her personality and style while remaining in dress code. For Lyana, expressing herself through visible and material items is exciting and fun, and a huge part of where her love for fashion began.

From a young age, beginning in her elementary school art class, Lyana learned that art allows you to demonstrate your imagination, self, and thoughts. Each year, in middle school art club, Lyana learned to let your creativity flow freely. And now, in high school, Lyana is learning how many diverse opportunities there are professionally in the arts — from camps, to college courses, and APs alike.

Since the age of six Lyana found ways to weave fashion into every aspect of her life through designing, creating, and setting her sights on a future that fits her. Lyana is making the most of her SA experience through extraordinary opportunities — from learning how to sew from Michelle Obama’s seamstress, to networking with renowned artists at Sotheby’s, and even participating in a collegiate level design course.

“I think the opportunities at SA really allow you to expand on what you’re interested in. I don’t just want to be a fashion designer,” Lyana says. “I want to set myself up to be a fashion engineer and incorporate my interests in STEM. I want to come up with sustainable textiles and fabrics to combat fast fashion and pollution. Getting involved in different programs is the best way to start.”

Taking her own advice, Lyana participates in the SA Advanced STEM program with Georgia Tech, where she delves into college level Python coding and computer science coursework. And on Saturdays, she makes her way over to the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) campus in Chelsea, preparing to hone her talents outside of the classroom. Lyana is a part of Success Academy’s selective Dual Enrollment Visual & Performing Arts program as a member of the FIT cohort. The program was created as a way for scholars to gain access to top-notch curriculum and opportunities in the arts, just as much as in STEM and Humanities. 

“I applied to the Dual Enrollment programs so I could get extra assistance and guidance for what I specifically want to do — fashion!” Lyana said. Her application was complete with vlogs from her YouTube channel, educational content from her Instagram and a portfolio of work samples… including a behind-the-scenes look at the process of making her very own prom dress. 

 “When prom season came around and I went dress shopping, there was nothing out there that I wanted; I realized I should just make my vision come to life myself!”

The application — filled with confidence and artistry — landed her in FIT’s Precollege program, and in Introduction to Sewing. The 10 person class is taught by a real college professor, and works with industrial machines to hone the designers tactical skills. This semester, Lyana is busy learning how to make shorts, off-the-shoulder tops, different hems, and technical patterns — and she’s receiving credit at SA for it.

With a future as bright and interesting as her designs, we can’t wait to see all Lyana achieves. 

Written by Success Academy November 7, 2023

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