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Dancing out of my comfort zone

I am a dancer. I like to say: “Anything dance, sign me up.”

That’s what originally drew my interest to the Steps on Broadway program through Success Academy’s Dual-Enrollment Visual and Performing Arts opportunity. As a sophomore at SA HSLA Harlem, I am able to take courses that strengthen my technique in ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap. I saw it as a chance to do what I love and improve my craft and talent. On top of that, the fact that it was a free program that would look good on my college applications really sold me!

I went into the program with a few ideas of things that I wanted to learn. This one tap move, for example, was front of mind. On the first day, we learned that move! I’m really good at it – so good that I want to show it to everyone. I feel really proud of the growth that I am making and the ways that I am taking my dancing skills to the next level.

What might be surprising is that I’m learning a lot more than just dance skills. Steps on Broadway is really different from the classes I’ve taken at SA, and even from the dance training I’ve received through OT3 (our most competitive high school dance team), so I’ve been forced to step outside of my comfort zone.

Steps on Broadway is a lot more collegiate than the programs I had previously attended. They work with you to set goals for yourself and then help you achieve them. I’ve learned a lot about focus and self-advocacy. The instructors are only going to help you if you are taking the program seriously, if you are prepared, and if you are willing to listen and ask questions. I’m able to take these lessons out into the world with me. In school and in my personal life, I’ve become a better listener. I’m now better able to accept criticism and learn from it. I’m confident that these lessons will help me as I move into college and my career.

Steps on Broadway is a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. I get to surround myself with a group of people who have similar interests and goals – who also want to grow. I continue to go back to the reason that I am there, because at the end of the day, I love to dance! If you are someone who has a passion for arts, I one hundred percent recommend that you look into one of the Dual-Enrollment Programs – take the opportunity to develop your talents and express yourself, just like I have.

Applications for SA’s Dual-Enrollment Visual and Performing Arts Programs are open to all high school scholars until Wednesday, Oct. 26. Apply today!

Seanisty Deroux is a sophomore at SA HSLA-Harlem.


Written by Success Academy October 24, 2022

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