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All the World’s a Page: Congratulations to our Success Academy Authors!

If there’s one thing we love even as much as reading at Success Academy, it’s helping our scholars find and develop their writing voices. From elementary school onwards, our scholars practice writing every single day. Once they’ve learned to convey strong and precise ideas with clarity, purpose, and structure, they have a lifelong tool for self-expression at their fingertips!

Most of our scholars like to write — but some truly find a passion for storytelling. This year, 160 third and fourth graders entered the network-wide elementary school writing contest. Nine were selected as outstanding young authors who captivated their readers with imaginative and compelling short stories. Topics ranged from reflections on bravery to the true meaning of friendship. These scholars demonstrate the rewards — and the joys — of putting pen to paper each day. The rich descriptions, engaging dialogue, and captivating plots of these nine outstanding stories exemplify just what can be accomplished when young writers put the best of themselves into their craft.

Congratulations to the Success Academy Elementary School Writing Competition winners! We hope you enjoy the following excerpts from their masterpieces:

*Not pictured: Judah Porte, SA South Jamaica, Grade 3

Prince Adjovi, SA Bronx 3, Grade 3

Sienna Ann Bini, SA Cobble Hill, Grade 3


Franchesca Cepin-Medina, SA Washington Heights, Grade 3


Katelyn Thompson, SA Bronx 1, Grade 4


Ronald Colter Jr., SA Harlem 4, Grade 4


Amira Chester, SA Springfield Gardens, Grade 4


Emilia Blackburn, SA Williamsburg, Grade 4


Diego Ciprian, Success Academy Washington Heights, Grade 4


Written by Success Academy January 9, 2019

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