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A Mother’s Thank You to a Principal

Earlier this month, Success Academy Williamsburg Principal Abby Johnson received a touching email from a parent. Mary Bronstein’s daughter, Faye, is a scholar in Dana Baij’s kindergarten classroom. She had written to say how truly in love Faye is with her new school. Ms. Bronstein agreed to share her story on the blog.

On 9/18/15, 10:12 AM, Mary Bronstein wrote:

Hi Ms. Johnson,

I shared this story with Ms. Babij and now I want to share it with you. In the past month Faye went from clinging to me and crying at the school entrance door to running in so fast that she even forgets to kiss me goodbye! This is a child who cried all last year when she was dropped off at pre-kindergarten.

The other night the two of us were reading a chapter of The Witches by Roald Dahl. In the book, the boy is turned into a mouse and is excited that he won’t have to go to school anymore. Faye was astounded and confused! She stopped me and said “But I love school. Why wouldn’t he want to go to school?? I LOVE MY SCHOOL!!” She was seriously offended and shocked that this boy would think that not going to school was a good thing.

I cannot tell you how much this moment warmed my heart as a parent, a lifelong learner, and an educator. As a child, I often did not want to go to school because the teaching was uninspired and boring and the school’s culture was punitive and students felt shamed. I am so happy that Faye gets to go to the school I wish I had gone to! Faye has even requested a University of Maryland flag for her room (U of Maryland is her teacher’s alma matter)!

I just want to share this story to let you know that my family feels SA Williamsburg is a special place. It is showing Faye that learning is fun and exciting, not a chore. This is an attitude that will take her far in her career as a student. She comes bounding out of the long school day with so much energy and things to tell me. It is truly special. Thank you for all your hard work to create a culture in the school that produces these feelings in a child!


Mary Bronstein’s daughter, Faye, started kindergarten at Success Academy Williamsburg this year.



Written by Mary Bronstein September 29, 2015

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